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El Roi (The God Who Sees) 4:27
Message for Maundy Thursday, April 9th, 2020 15:58
Re-engaging Europe 2:47
All throughout post-Christian Hungary and Eastern Europe, religion is viewed as stale and irrelevant. There is a real need for people to tangibly live out the gospel, and to re-engage Europe with a passion for Christ.
Leaving a Legacy 4:38
This video commemorates the 10 year anniversary of the band tour in Hungary, the legacy it is building with the people of this country, and an invitation for artists of all kinds to come and get involved with what God is doing there.
Sermon on the Great Commission 30:11
Bill Shares an inspiring and compelling message about "The Great Commission" from Matthew 28:18-20, at Peachtree City Christian Church, 12-31-17.
As I Come Into Your Presence 4:02
This song was written while two precious young women were blown into eternity by a terrorists grenade in the Philippines. God has used their ultimate act of worship to inspire thousands around the world to continue to spread the love and grace of His Son Jesus Christ.
Wear the Crown 4:57
Music video for Bill Drake's song, "Wear the Crown" made by Voice of the Martyrs Written in response to the martyrdom of Bonnie Witherall
WTC Interview 6:11
The Making of "Wear the Crown" 6:01
The making of the "Wear the Crown" music video.
The Sins of Omission 4:26
I wrote the lyrics from this perspective: as if Christ were personally speaking to me about my lifestyle.
Sacred Surrender 5:43
This song is one of my favorites of the "Aroma" CD, and it specifically refers to Mary of Bethany at the feet of Jesus, offering her reputation, her financial security, and her dignity.
Totally Abandoned 5:03
"Title" song from Bill's latest CD, Broken & Complete
Freedom's Coming 5:52
Between 10 and 27 million people are exploited through slavery and human trafficking in the world today. Freedom Climb is a Christ-led movement to help oppressed women and children worldwide.
Ten-Four-0 10:05
"One of the greatest mission challenge songs of all time." - George Verwer
Broken & Complete Promo 2:55
Promotional Video for the Bill Drake "Broken & Complete" Concert. This concert has been performed for thousands of people all over the world, and is having a HUGE impact with the message of "Go First".